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Manage your portfolio with ease and evaluate potential investments.

The platform is fully synced with Companies House, to provide you with accurate, real-time insight.

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Add your investments for complete visibility of your shareholdings. View cap tables and detailed share movements.

organise iconOrganise

Organise investments by fund, geography or sector, and view your portfolio as a whole or by individual company.

scenario iconModel

Explore future value scenarios based on various growth trajectories, to figure out potential payouts.

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Remove friction and save time. Action shareholder resolutions via DocuSign, access data rooms, and get updates from founders.

SPVs iconSPVs

Set up and manage new SPVs without leaving the platform, then invite co-investors to fund and participate.

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The Vestd Blog

AMA: Nick Root, founder of Intergiro

4 min read

AMA: Nick Root, founder of Intergiro

We caught up with Nick Root, the founder of Intergiro, a super simple fintech that aims to bring corporate banking 'out of the Stone Age'.

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FounderMetrics with John Downie

5 min read

FounderMetrics: John Downie

Last updated: 23 April 2024

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FounderMetrics with Sonya Barlow

6 min read

FounderMetrics: Sonya Barlow

Joining Ifty Nasir on the latest episode of FounderMetrics is Sonya Barlow, the award-winning founder of the LMF Network. Sonya is also a...

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Let's get digital software-only filings at Companies House

3 min read

Let's get digital: software-only filings at Companies House

Last updated: 18 April 2024

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Vestd 2023 the new and improved

2 min read

Vestd 2023: the new and improved

Equity management can be intimidating. And that’s a crying shame because equity can unlock a team’s potential and sow the seeds for serious growth.

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FounderMetrics Podcast with Jo Bird

4 min read

FounderMetrics: Jo Bird

Last updated: 23 April 2024. For FounderMetrics episode seven, Ifty Nasir is joined by marketing extraordinaire and TEDx speaker, Jo Bird. Jo was the...

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Empowering entrepreneurs top takeaways from FounderMetrics

6 min read

Empowering entrepreneurs: top takeaways from FounderMetrics

FounderMetrics: a podcast by Vestd. Join Ifty Nasir as he uncovers the factors that forge success and those that spell disaster.

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What is succession planning and why does it matter

4 min read

What is succession planning and why does it matter?

"You are not serious people".

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FounderMetrics episode six with Felicia Hjertman

5 min read

FounderMetrics: Felicia Hjertman

Joining Ifty Nasir for FounderMetrics episode six is Felicia Hjertman, the founder of TILLIT, a pioneering platform that makes it easier for ordinary...

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Unlocking momentum the power of the flywheel effect

3 min read

Unlocking momentum: the power of the flywheel effect

In the challenging world of business, creating momentum and steering a company through various stages can be daunting. Have you ever wondered how...

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