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The Joy of Enterprise Management Incentives
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Dynamic share schemes and total equity management

The only platform fully synced to Companies House to eliminate friction and bad data.

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Ideal for fast-growing companies

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Book a call
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Unlimited shareholders
Scheme design help
Cap table review
Multiple valuations
S/EIS advance assurance
New share classes
CSOP & phantom shares


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Motivate your team with equity

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Book a call
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Unlimited shareholders
EMI & unapproved options
Scheme designer
Legal docs included
One annual valuation
HMRC notifications
Ongoing video support


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For zero-value companies

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Get started
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Co-founder equity splits
Co-founder vesting
Co-founder prenups
Conditional shares
Scenario modelling
Initial equity consultation


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Manage your company digitally

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Get started
Company incorporation
Issue ordinary shares
Share certificates
Digital cap table
Secure data room
Shareholder portals
Company secretarial tools

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Full Service - the plan for busy people

We also offer a full service plan for people who just want to get things done. We'll pull all the levers for you. Book a call to discuss your needs.

  • Hands-free scheme design and implementation
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Scheme briefing for your team
  • Free digitisation and management of existing schemes

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Guided Standard Launch Lite
Equity management
Two-way Companies House integration
We automatically file documents with Companies House when required We’re also the only platform that pulls data from Companies House, which saves time when joining. Learn more.
Company incorporation
Our guided workflow lets you incorporate a new company, create ordinary share classes, add directors and shareholders, and split the share capital. We’ll then send everything to Companies House.
Articles of Association
Articles of Association govern a company's internal affairs and management. We offer articles support with Companies House filings, and you can adopt the Vestd Articles for the ability to issue growth shares. Learn more.
Issue shares
Issue shares directly to new and existing shareholders and Vestd will take care of Companies House filings and generate share certificates for you to issue.
Share certificates (branded)
All share issuances come with a share certificate for the shareholder. You can even customise them with your branding.
Share authorisations
Automatically send the required resolutions to directors and shareholders to gain the authorisation to issue shares, options and growth shares.
Digital cap table
Whenever any share capital activity takes place on Vestd, your digital cap table will be automatically updated accordingly. You can also simulate different views and download the data for investors.
Secure data room
Upload documents, financial reports and investor prospectus to share with key stakeholders. Only those invited to each room will have access.
Scenario modelling
Use our modelling tools and calculators to see how your share capital will look after investment rounds, option grants and other scenarios. In some cases this will require a share movement History upload process in order to model future value.
Shareholder dashboards
All shareholders and option holders invited to Vestd get their own dashboard where they can project the current and future value of their equity. Handy tax calculators show their potential profit too.
Up to 25
Up to 25
Business & legal documents
We provide complimentary document templates such as Advance Subscription Agreements, NDAs and Shareholders’ Agreements to help you streamline business procedures.
Company secretarial tools
All resolutions, confirmation statements and other company governance documents are stored on Vestd and sent to Companies House when required, making Co-Sec tasks much easier and virtually paperwork free.
Shareholder register
Vestd can be used as your legal shareholder register, granted all shareholders’ addresses are added and all share movement history is uploaded. Please note that only transactions made since joining the platform will have accurate dates. A share movement history upload may be required in some cases.
Confirmation Statements
Confirmation statements need to be submitted to Companies House each year. Vestd does pretty much all of it for you – we even pay the filing fee!
Digital signing
All resolutions and other documents generated by the platform can be digitally signed via DocuSign. No printing, no faff.
Subdivide existing shares
Subdivisions (or share splits) create more shares in the company without diluting existing shareholders, making your share capital easier to distribute. Our subdivision tool basically does it all for you, answer a few questions and you’re done.
Board and shareholder resolutions
When board/shareholder authorisation is needed, Vestd automatically generates the resolution and sends it to the appropriate people to sign, then files it with Companies House. You can also create bespoke resolutions for other business matters.
Add & change director details
Any changes to your company’s directors are automatically filed with Companies House.
Change the company name
Company name changes are automatically filed with Companies House.
Update PSCs
Stock transfers
A stock transfer is used to manage the sale or gifting of shares between shareholders. Vestd generates the Share Purchase Agreement and Stock Transfer Form for the relevant people to sign, then updates Companies House.
Share buybacks
Companies can buy back shares from shareholders via Vestd, and we’ll update Companies House with the required paperwork and let you know whether Stamp Duty is due.
New share classes
You can create additional share classes for investment rounds or share schemes. Vestd takes out all the guesswork and files the required documents with Companies House.
SEIS/EIS advance assurance
SEIS/EIS advance assurance makes your business more attractive to investors. Apply through Vestd and take out all the guesswork. Learn more.
Share schemes
Company valuations (per year)
Our in-house Valuation team provides valuations to ensure maximum tax certainty for your option holders.
Up to 4
Share scheme design
Answer a few simple questions in guided workflow and create a bespoke share scheme that aligns with your company’s goals.
Share scheme legal docs
You can use Vestd’s agreements for your option and growth share schemes. Each agreement is customised to the unique needs and goals of each share scheme.
Guided scheme design
Our Customer Success team can help you design a share scheme based on your company’s goals.
HMRC notification support
We’ll help you file the notifications to HMRC to keep your share schemes compliant.
Conditional equity
Set time or performance-based conditions people must meet to earn their equity.
Co-founder vesting
Co-founder vesting schedules reward people for what they deliver while protecting them when someone fails to deliver.
Co-founder prenups
Also known as an Agile Partnership. It aligns founders with key targets they must meet to earn their equity and ensures everyone’s best interests are protected.
Initial equity consultation
Discuss your business goals with our Equity Consultants and they’ll recommend the best conditions to add to your share schemes to achieve them.
Second equity consultation
A deeper dive into your company and its share capital.
Scheme types
Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI)
The most popular and tax advantageous share scheme for UK businesses. Learn more.
Growth shares
The flexible way to reward virtually anyone for their help in growing your business. Learn more.
Unapproved options
The flexible way to grant options to virtually anyone. Set time or performance-based conditions recipients must meet for their options to vest. Learn more.
Agile Partnerships
Co-founder equity splits and prenups to protect the interests of founders and their business.
Ordinary shares
You can easily issue shares to new and existing shareholders, with all the paperwork taken care of.
Company Share Option Plans are a tax efficient way to motivate, retain and reward employees.
Phantom shares
Phantom shares are a form of conditional equity, but instead of shares being issued upfront, the recipient receives a cash bonus equal to the value of the shares.
Options over shareholder shares
Granting options over a shareholders’ shares avoids dilution. The process is usually complex, but incredibly simple with Vestd.
Customer support level
Self serve
Scheduled video & phone support
Scheme design & management support
Add ons
Additional valuations
A company valuation is needed when granting shares/options and is typically valid for up to 90 days. If you use up your valuations for the year, you can get another for a one-off fee.
From £500
409A valuations
A type of valuation that’s essential when granting options to US taxpayers. This fee can be split into monthly payments.
Existing scheme digitisation
Upload existing share schemes to Vestd for a one-off fee and eliminate paperwork and HMRC filing headaches. All shareholders and option holders invited to Vestd will get their own dashboard too. Learn more.
From £250
From £250
Live HMRC submission support
We know how confusing and nervous it can be submitting things to HMRC. So our experts can guide you through the entire process over video call.
+£25 / mo
New share classes
You can create additional share classes for investment rounds or share schemes. Vestd takes out all the guesswork and files the required documents with Companies House.
From £250
SEIS / EIS advance assurance
Advance assurance is the first step to landing SEIS/EIS investment, and our guided workflow takes out all the guesswork so you know you’re on the right track. We even submit everything to HMRC on your behalf.
Companies House reconciliations
We’ll provide solutions for incorrect filings and other Companies House discrepancies so your Vestd account and cap table is all correct.
From £25 / mo
From £25 / mo
From £25 / mo
From £25 / mo
Bespoke option agreement digitisation
If you want to use your own option agreement template rather than Vestd’s option agreement, we can upload it to the platform ready for you to use.
From £25 / mo
From £25 / mo
Full service
Your dedicated account manager will take care of everything for you. From setting up and designing share schemes to HMRC filings, we’ll ask what you want to do, then do it for you.
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Share movement history
Relevant if any activity has taken place since incorporation and before joining the platform. Our team will send you a data capture file for completion. Once received we will import your full cap table history into the platform. This will enable the share register and scenario modelling features to function fully.
From £250
From £250
From £250
From £250

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