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The Joy of Enterprise Management Incentives
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Flexible pricing, 
total equity management

The only platform fully synced to Companies House to eliminate friction and bad data.

Billed monthly
Billed annually


Equity management




Manage your company digitally

Get started
Get started
Company incorporation
Issue ordinary shares
Share certificates
Digital cap table
Secure data room
Shareholder portals
Company secretarial tools


Equity for co-founders




For zero-value companies

Get started
Get started
Lite +
Co-founder equity splits
Co-founder vesting
Co-founder prenups
Growth shares
Scenario modelling
Initial equity consultation


Core share schemes




Motivate your team with equity

Book a call
Book a call
Lite & Launch +
EMI & unapproved options
Scheme designer
Legal docs included
One annual valuation
HMRC notifications
Ongoing video support
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All share schemes




Ideal for fast-growing companies

Book a call
Book a call
All features +
Scheme design help
Cap table review
Multiple valuations
S/EIS advance assurance
New share classes
CSOP & phantom shares

Full Service - the plan for busy people

We also offer a full service plan for people who just want to get things done. We'll pull all the levers for you. Book a call to discuss your needs.

  • Hands-free scheme design and implementation
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Scheme briefing for your team
  • Free digitisation and management of existing schemes

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Lite Launch Standard Guided
Equity management
Two-way Companies House integration
Connect Vestd to Companies House to get a single source of truth for all of your key data. Avoid filing docs and paperwork manually. The platform will do this automatically.
Company incorporation
Articles of Association
Issue shares
Share certificates (branded)
Share authorisations
Digital cap table
Vestd is designed to be your single source of truth with clear visibility of issued and outstanding capital. We provide a truly real-time, 100% accurate digital cap table, as the data is always pulled down from Companies House.
Secure data room
Scenario modelling
Shareholder portals
Up to 25
Up to 25
Business & legal documents
Company secretarial tools
Shareholder register
Confirmation Statements
Digital signing
Subdivide existing shares
Board and shareholder resolutions
Add & change director details
Change the company name
Update PSCs
Stock transfers
Share buybacks
New share classes
SEIS/EIS advance assurance
Investors love SEIS and EIS. Apply for SEIS/EIS advance assurance with Vestd. We provide expert guidance every step of the way, so you know you're on the right track. Fill in the fields, upload your docs and we'll submit your complete advance assurance application to HMRC on your behalf.
Share schemes
Company valuations (per year)
Up to 4
Share scheme design
Share scheme legal docs
Guided scheme design
HMRC notification support
Conditional equity
Co-founder vesting
Co-founder prenups
Initial equity consultation
Second equity consultation
Scheme types
Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI)
More than 14,000 UK companies have an EMI scheme in place to reward key people with incredibly tax-efficient shares. Vestd is the most advanced digital platform for creating, setting up and managing EMI schemes.
Growth shares
Growth shares are incredibly flexible. There are no statutory requirements or limits to abide by. These shares are issued at a ‘hurdle rate’ and provide recipients with a share in the future capital growth of the business. This minimises dilution for existing shareholders. Recipients don’t need to pay any Income Tax when they receive the shares, only CGT on any gains when they are sold.
Unapproved options
Unapproved share options are extremely flexible and can be issued directly via our platform to employees, contractors, advisors or consultants. There are more tax efficient ways to give people skin in the game but unapproved options are about as flexible as it gets.
Agile Partnerships
Founders tend to incentivise co-founders and key hires with equity, but sometimes people walk away with a slice of the business before contributing what they promised. Agile Partnerships™ prevent this from happening, so nobody gets hurt. Setting one up costs a fraction of what lawyers typically charge.
Ordinary shares
You can issue ordinary shares directly via the Vestd platform, and update Companies House at the touch of a button. No other platform makes it this simple. Word to the wise: there are more tax-efficient ways of giving people skin in the game (such as EMI options or growth shares).
Phantom shares
Options over shareholder shares
Support level
Self serve
Scheduled video & phone support
Scheme design & management support
Add ons
Additional valuations
From £500
409A valuations
From £100 / mo
From £100 / mo
Existing scheme digitisation
Our team of specialists will review your documentation and shareholder structure. We'll give your cap table a healthcheck and then upload your existing agreements to a secure vault. New digital document templates will be created. You'll be able to build unique vesting schedules to meet your specific needs, at team or individual level. Options can be exercised digitally. You can easily add and remove people from your scheme, and your cap table and Companies House records will be updated in a heartbeat.
From £250
From £250
Live HMRC submission support
+£25 / mo
New share classes
From £250
SEIS / EIS advance assurance
Companies House reconciliations
From £25 / mo
From £25 / mo
From £25 / mo
From £25 / mo
Digitising existing option templates
From £25 / mo
From £25 / mo
Full service
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Talk to an equity consultant

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  • Your business, goals and motivations
  • The best ways of sharing ownership
  • How to set the right kind of conditions
  • Costs and tax implications
  • Why a digital platform makes life easy

Giving people skin in the game used to be complicated but we’ve made it really straightforward.

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