Agile Partnerships™

Ever been in a situation where somebody promises to do something but fails to deliver?

We have devised a new way of providing equity rewards in a way that is fair for all shareholders. Agile Partnerships™ are used by startups, scaleups and late-stage companies.

What are Agile Partnerships™?

Agile Partnerships™ are frameworks that determine equity rewards based on agreed performance milestones. Everybody knows what they’re expected to bring to the game. Equity is released in a way that is proportionate to what people contribute.

Let’s explore how they are being used...

Starting up

Founders tend to incentivise co-founders and key hires with equity, but some people walk away with a slice of the business before contributing what they promised. Agile Partnerships™ prevent this from happening.

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Changing course

Even the best planned businesses will sometimes need to change direction. And occasionally a bigger shakeup is required: new goals, new people, new terms. Agile Partnerships™ allow you to get everybody aligned.

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Waving goodbye

When shareholders move on from a business Agile Partnerships™ can be used to gradually release equity to the newcomers. They can also be used as the basis for a company sale, to govern earn-outs over an agreed timescale.

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Key benefits

We designed Agile Partnerships™ based on real business needs. They are being used by UK startups and SMEs to ensure that people are rewarded fairly, and to avoid any sketchy scenarios.

Fair and proportionate

Participating partners know the rules of the game, and what it takes to win.

Embrace fluidity

Use Agile Partnerships™ to make your equity structures less rigid.

100% transparent

Everybody knows what is expected of them, and the potential rewards.

Support good leavers

Sometimes people need a change of lifestyle, and you can help them adjust.

Define terms and milestones

You set the conditions and the equity allocation on a per person basis.

Improve your company culture

Delivery-based rewards and shared goals bring people together.

Bespoke for your business

Agile Partnerships™ are a customisable framework that will fit like a glove.

Incentivise future growth

Allow people to claim a slice of the action from this point forward.


Safeguard the equity in your business from just £150 per month.

Embrace generational change

Transfer equity to rising stars in a fair, performance-based way.

Explore how Agile Partnerships™ can work for you

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