How do Agile Partnerships work?

We’ll help you design bespoke equity-based agreements to safely and gradually release equity to key people, based on what they actually contribute.

Set conditions and milestones for the team

Establish some goals to determine how, when and what quantity of equity is released. People need to contribute fully to earn their maximum allocation of shares.

Protect yourself and other shareholders

Once the rules of the game have been decided everybody will know what is expected of them, and the size of the prize. Nobody will get hurt along the way.

Learn what works for other business owners

We will provide insight into how other companies set up Agile Partnerships and share schemes for their team. There are some tried and tested pathways worth following.

Share ownership efficiently

You can minimise your tax burden by choosing the best method of distributing equity within your partnership. We’ll outline the various share and option schemes available to you.

The platform you can trust

Vestd is the only FCA regulated and authorised platform in the UK. We’ve helped 1,000+ businesses figure out how to share ownership in the best possible way.

Get on the fast track

Set up a 1-2-1 discovery call with one of our equity specialists. We will explore:

  • Your company structure
  • The best scheme types for your needs
  • How to protect existing shareholders
  • Setting conditions and milestones
  • The costs and tax implications

We’ll also answer any questions you have about sharing ownership.

Figure out when would be a good time to talk and schedule a video meeting (or contact us to request a phone call).