Sharing ownership used to be a headache

Employee share schemes can be insanely complicated. Vestd has hugely simplified the process for SMEs...

Old Way vs Vestd Way

Vestd: the smart way to manage equity

We look after your shares and options, so you can look after your business.

UK’s employee share scheme specialists

We'll help you design a tax-efficient employee share scheme.

Defensible valuations

Our experts will provide regular valuations for growing companies.

A platform built for UK businesses

And trusted by hundreds of SMEs and startups (and their investors).

Easily add and remove people

Changing scheme members on Vestd is a piece of cake.

Lifetime scheme management

Setting things up is one small step. We’ll also help manage your scheme.

Digitally manage everything

Exercise options digitally and we will automatically notify Companies House.

Ongoing expert support

We provide end to end support, from start to finish, and no random fees.

Real time cap tables

Your cap table will be updated when people become actual shareholders.

FCA authorised

Vestd is the only UK share scheme platform for SMEs that is regulated by the FCA.

Set the right conditions

Making your scheme conditional can protect your business.

Affordable employee share schemes

Pricing starts from just £125 a month, with no ad hoc fees.

No need for accountants or lawyers

Our experts don’t need any help with setting up your scheme. We offer a full service, so you can save thousands in fees, though you can use your own docs if they’ve already been prepared.

Set up an employee share scheme from scratch using our templates and docs and you're good to go. Complex schemes may require external support.

Improve employee engagement

Employees can access a portal to view their shares and vesting schedules, allowing you to communicate the value of the scheme while avoiding the admin.

Want to find out more?

To schedule a demo or free equity consultation just choose a good time to talk.

One of our equity specialists will call you to discover what you’re aiming to do, and will provide impartial guidance based on your specific needs.

You’ll learn:

  • the best scheme type to use
  • what a scheme will cost
  • how to be tax-efficient
  • the importance of staying compliant
  • how to protect the business

Choose a good time and let’s talk equity!

Who uses Vestd?

Founders, CEOs and CFOs use Vestd to take the hassle out of managing share schemes.


Give co-founders and foundational hires a slice of the action.

Growth companies

Get your share scheme set up to help attract and retain talent.

Scale ups

Minimise the time it takes to add and remove people from your scheme.

Mature companies

Reward your loyal employees by giving them a piece of the pie.

VCs and investors

Track portfolio activity and view real time (and historic) cap tables.


Easily create and manage share schemes for your clients.