The only full service digital platform

There are other digital platforms but none of them have the expert support, the full Companies House integration, nor the FCA regulation. 


Expert guidance, on tap, from startup to sale

Vestd is more than a platform: our team of share scheme experts makes us unique.

Don’t lose sleep over forms and deadlines

We won’t miss a beat with those important notifications and submissions.

Access for your accountants and lawyers

Invite your professional services advisors to Vestd. Store key docs in your secure vault.

Use your own docs (or ours, if you prefer)

We have standard templates but use your own if they’ve already been prepared.

Ongoing, defensible valuations

Valuations are included and conducted by our in-house team (on Standard and Guided plans).

Avoid the EMI apocalypse: get a compliance healthcheck

Around half of all existing EMI option schemes are not compliant, for a variety of avoidable reasons. Affected shareholders will be in for a nasty surprise when the business is sold.

Vestd helps you to ensure that your company scheme remains HMRC compliant. It could save you millions.

Emi Dashboard

End to end EMI scheme management

Share schemes are complicated, so we built Vestd to make things as simple as possible.

The EMI scheme specialists

We create more of these schemes than anyone. We know our EMI onions.

Easily add and remove people

Vestd makes it simple to manage EMI scheme members.

Built for UK businesses

And trusted by hundreds of SMEs and startups (and their investors).

Digitally manage everything

Exercise options digitally and we will notify Companies House.

Lifetime scheme management

Setting things up is one small step. We’ll also help execute your scheme.

Real time cap table

Your cap table will be updated when people become actual shareholders.

FCA authorised

Vestd is the only UK share scheme platform that is regulated by the FCA.

Set the right conditions

Making your scheme conditional can protect your business.

What do we mean by digitisation?

Vestd provides ongoing expert service alongside a best in class digital platform.


Upload all existing agreements

Add your docs to the secure vault for safekeeping, and / or use Vestd’s standard agreements.


Dynamic vesting schedules

Build unique vesting schedules for EMI share options to meet your specific needs.


Easily manage vesting

The company and recipients can access all associated documents and information via the shareholder portal.


Digital signing

All agreements are digitally signed and accepted by shareholders. No paperwork, no posting, no filing.


Exercise share options digitally

Full control with either partial or complete exercising of share options, at the click of a button.


Real time data

An accurate, real time view of your issued and outstanding capital, via a platform that investors, advisors and board members can access.


Professional services access

Invite trusted lawyers and accountants to have view or write access. Your key advisers can more easily manage your scheme via Vestd.

Want to find out more?

To schedule a demo or free equity consultation just choose a good time to talk.

One of our equity specialists will call you to discover what you’re aiming to do, and will provide impartial guidance based on your specific needs.

You’ll learn:

  • the best scheme type to use
  • what a scheme will cost
  • how to be tax-efficient
  • the importance of staying compliant
  • how to protect the business

Choose a good time and let’s talk equity!

Who uses Vestd?

Founders, CEOs and CFOs use Vestd to take the hassle out of managing share schemes.


Give co-founders and foundational hires a slice of the action.

Growth companies

Get your share scheme set up to help attract and retain talent.

Scale ups

Minimise the time it takes to add and remove people from your scheme.

Mature companies

Reward your loyal employees by giving them a piece of the pie.

VCs and investors

Track portfolio activity and view real time (and historic) cap tables.


Easily create and manage share schemes for your clients.