Trusted partners

Over the years we have built relationships with some excellent companies, which have helped us on our growth journey. They can help you scale up too!

People Puzzles are experienced HR directors who provide HR services and support. They help startups to scale rapidly by solving people issues.

Grow Your Staff helps companies grow by custom building highly effective offshore teams in India. Access top talent for a fraction of the cost.

The FD & CFO Centre is a provider of superstar part-time FDs and CFOs at a fraction of the cost of full-time resource. No recruitment fees or tie-ins.

LegalEdge is a practical, affordable legal solution for growing companies that want to control risk. No lengthy negotiations or contracts.

CrowdX helps founders raise capital by providing access to investors. Equity and debt fundraising are supported, along with secondary markets.

Regionally is an investment service specifically designed to connect global private investors with established businesses across the UK.

Unleash your equity

Shares and options can do wonders when it comes to motivating and aligning your teams.

Book a discovery call with one of our equity consultants to explore:

  • The best scheme type/s for your needs
  • How to protect existing shareholders
  • The kinds of conditions you might set
  • Costs and tax efficiency

Calls are free and usually last for 30 minutes.