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£500 off a legal checkup

LegalEdge is a practical, affordable legal solution for scaling companies.

They set up a cost-effective and efficient legal function to manage your day-to-day legal matters and add value. They prioritise what’s important, reduce risk and proactively manage legal strategy, workflow and budget using the right people, processes and tech.

There are no hidden costs, you know how much you’re spending and as your flexible in-house legal function their support is scaled up/down depending on volume and urgency.

They work with companies that are funded and /or revenue positive and require regular legal support - scaling with them until they need to hire full-time (which they also help with) and continue to support the legal team afterwards.

They don’t provide certain specialist services such as tax advice or litigation as they’re not a law firm, but they are registered solicitors as well as experienced in-house counsel. They also have a great network that's equally committed to helping scaling companies grow.

With an experienced in-house lawyer as a single point of contact they:

  • create and manage your legal strategy and budget
  • put in place simple and effective contracts and contracting processes to speed up deal closure
  • protect the brand and other key IP / assets
  • work with HR to make hiring, retaining and incentivising staff easy and efficient
  • prepare for milestones such as international expansion, due diligence, fundraising and exit
  • reduce external legal spend through risk based legal triage
  • carry out regular legal health checks to review and prioritise work and budget
  • prevent firefighting by getting processes running smoothly and efficiently
  • identify / monitor legal and compliance risks
  • provide compliance training and policies
  • automate documents / processes
  • work with / manage specialist advisors to deliver on time and within budget

To find out how LegalEdge can help your business get in touch today on

Perk Details

Exclusive discount on a LegalEdge mini legal health check.

£1000 (usually £1,500) + vat

Includes: top level review of business practises and processes to highlight areas of risk with a legal project plan output to help prioritise legal work and budget.

*LegalEdge work with scaling businesses that are revenue generating and/or are fundraising. To get value from their day-to-day legal support the companies they work with have legal budget and require regular legal work.

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