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JP Jenkins

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JP Jenkins is the UK’s longest established liquidity venue for private companies. The platform enables shareholders – including employees founders and other investors - to buy and sell their shares through a verified broker network. This offers an alternative mechanism for unlocking equity in the business as they grow, rather than having to resort to an IPO or trade sale.

The venue has been established for over 30 years and has hosted a range of brands including household names such as Weetabix, NCP and many football clubs, as well as more specialist, family owned businesses.

Being a JP Jenkins member company gives you clear benefits. These include:

  • A reference valuation of the company for shareholders
  • The ability for investors to buy and sell shares
  • A transparent way to incentivise employees and retain key staff
  • Cost effective transactions via our broker network
  • Investor relations services
  • Visibility on a range of global business newswires
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