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The Joy of Enterprise Management Incentives
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Vestd launches #EMIrevolution campaign

Vestd launches #EMIrevolution campaign

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It’s no secret that we love EMI. So, when the UK Government called for evidence as part of a review into Enterprise Management Incentives, we were quick to share the joy of EMI

EMI is a tax-efficient share options scheme, specially designed for startups and SMEs, that allows companies to reward their employees with equity.

We consolidated data from over 5,000 sources to produce one of the largest caches of data on the subject in UK history. 

The data affirmed that EMI is instrumental to business development in many ways. Crucially talent acquisition, retention and engagement.

Our report revealed that:

  • EMI has helped 93% of our customers with their recruitment efforts
  • 95% agree that it's improved employee retention
  • And 93% believe that it’s helped their company grow and develop

In the words of Vestd’s founder, Ifty Nasir, “the data constitutes an overwhelming endorsement of EMI”.

That's because EMI aligns teams by creating a sense of cohesion and belonging, naturally boosting performance. It’s the gold standard for workplace benefits, yet amazingly, thousands of UK startups and SMEs are unaware of the benefits of EMI!

We want to change that.

So, we’ve launched a campaign to educate as many people as possible about EMI. We want you to join the #EMIrevolution to create a better, more equitable world. 

How? You ask. 

Well, downloading the report is a great start. It’s the very same report we submitted to the Government. The stats speak for themselves!

You can check out our press release too and EMI success stories, kindly shared by our customers.

Spread the word. And if you have any questions at all or would like more information, please do get in touch.

Sunak says Enterprise Management Incentives remain effective

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EMI share options suspension: what you need to know

EMI share options suspension: what you need to know

HMRC announced on Wednesday (4th April) that the availability of EMI Options will be temporarily suspended (for new option grants) from the end of...

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EMI share options are back!

EMI share options are back!

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