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Vestd's EMI Manifesto

Enterprise Management Incentives give employees a slice of the pie, enabling companies to realise their ambitions more quickly than they ever could’ve imagined.

We stand behind that statement based on the acceleration that we’ve seen in our customers’ fortunes. But don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve also got hard data to demonstrate that time and time again, EMI is the secret weapon of every ambitious startup and SME.

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Vestd wants to see a world in which EMI is not the secret of the few, but the default for everybody. 

Let’s make a better, more equitable world. Speak to us today and join our #EMIrevolution.

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Our groundbreaking report

In March 2021, the Government announced a review of the Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) scheme.

In response, Vestd compiled one of the biggest caches of data on the subject in UK history. 

The results are profound.

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93% of Vestd’s customers said EMI has helped their companies to grow and develop

95% of Vestd customers said that EMI has actively helped to improve employee loyalty


93% confirmed that EMI has helped with their recruitment efforts

Case Study: Aire

Based in London and Washington DC, credit fintech, Aire, is on a mission to create 'a world in which nobody is refused the opportunities that credit provides.’ By providing first-party data to lenders, Aire gives everybody a fair shot at credit.

After undertaking some research, Barnes Benson, Aire’s Finance and Legal VP decided to partner with Vestd to get Aire’s EMI scheme up and running.

Case Study: ROOMNET

Apple-based television platform, ROOMNET is built for the hospitality industry. Head-Quartered in California, the company is a world leader in hotel entertainment and Wi-Fi solutions.

During a recent recruitment round, a new potential hire expressed keen interest in equity, setting ROOMNET’s CEO, Darren King on a mission to get EMI in place.

Darren spoke to Vestd and within weeks, ROOMNET’s EMI scheme was live on the Vestd platform.


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