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2 min read

Welcome to The Business Pharmacy!

Welcome to The Business Pharmacy!

Table of Contents

The science of success is big business. Everybody from snake oil salesmen to academic institutions are doing their damndest to identify and bottle whatever it is that makes the likes of Musk, Massenet and Bloomberg so intensely superhuman.

To celebrate International Leadership Week (which starts Monday, huzzah!), we’ll be launching a brand new series that explores the components of success.


We’ve rounded up some of the most innovative and influential founders and asked them what their ‘prescription’ for prosperity is.

They’ll be letting us into all of the secrets of their achievements and we’ll be covering everything from routine to fuel, inspiration, tools, strategy and relaxation.

Throughout the series, you’ll gain a deep insight into just what it takes to rise to the top.

Why now?

International Leadership Week is the perfect time to launch our new project.

Running from Nov 22nd - Nov 26th, the theme for this year’s celebration is ‘leadership reinvented’. 

The past two years have brought leadership under the spotlight as traditional leadership values have been challenged by aggressive changes in the workplace.

Nearly half of all Britons were working remotely by late spring 2020 and since then, we’ve seen radical shifts in what we collectively want from our leaders and what we want to leave in the past.

This ‘WorkQuake’ has led, in part, to The Great Resignation, in which nearly 5% of the workforce has quit their jobs. Many of this number will be looking to strike out alone to create their own fortunes. 

What have they learned from the mistakes of their employers and what sort of leaders will they become?

Historically, global events like Coronavirus have been followed by revolutions and cultural renewal. The Renaissance followed The Plague, the retreat of the Spanish Flu signalled the start of the roaring twenties and the end of World War 2 unleashed the vivacity of mid-century expressionism.


Covid19 looks set to do the same and the decade ahead of us is bursting with promise. We can anticipate new leaders emerging from every imaginable field of endeavour and entrepreneurialism. What will their impacts be on the world?

Let’s start sowing the seeds of victory now by talking to those forging new paths.

Our new series looks to deliver actionable insights and practical advice as to how leadership thinking has changed.

Check our blog from Monday onwards to catch our special edition interviews.

We hope you’ll be inspired and we’d love to know if you decide to take on any of the advice of our featured founders. You can drop a line with your feedback. We’d also love to hear from you if you’d like to feature. 

Happy International Leadership Week, and happy reading!


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