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Bring on the dogs! National Bring Your Dog to Work Day 2021

Bring on the dogs! National Bring Your Dog to Work Day 2021

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It’s National Bring Your Dog to Work Day which means that offices up and down the nation will be that bit more joyous over the next eight hours. And of course, if you work from home and have a mutt, every day is Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day raises money for great causes and could also have some immediate benefits for those whose offices are graced by our four-legged friends today. 

According to the day’s organisers:

“Many studies have concluded that the presence of pets can substantially reduce a person’s stress level in the workplace. Increased job satisfaction, team cooperation and morale have all been reported in employees that spend the workday with their pets.”

Bring Your Dog to Work Day also gives us an excellent excuse to ask Britain’s business leaders to show us pictures of their pooches, so without further ado, bring on the dogs!

Vanessa Jackson, Co-founder and CEO of We Are Adam and Billie

“I got Billie last year, and as soon as I was safely able to do so, I began taking her into the We Are Adam office. She very quickly got ‘hired’ as our Chief Wellness Officer! 

All of our employees love animals, and having Billie in the office is such a huge joy for us all. 

She can make our stressful days that bit less stressful, and she always reminds us to take regular breaks (to play with her, of course!) 

During the pandemic, and the resulting work-from-home arrangement, I found Billie to be a lifeline for me. She was my constant companion as I worked, and gave me good reason to get outside and go for a walk even when I was feeling down or sluggish. It’s safe to say that her position as Chief Wellness Officer is very much deserved!” 

Emma Brown, founder and CEO Knude Society with Marlowe

“Marlowe basically sits in the corner of my office in the sun while I work. He's definitely a calming presence—if I need five minutes to refocus I give him some fuss and attention, and then my next task doesn't seem so hard to accomplish. 

And our daily lunch walks give me the opportunity to get away from the screen, stretch my legs, and enjoy some fresh air. Something I think that as a founder and person who's responsible for getting things moving is so important, because it reminds me other things are happening in the world! 

Marlowe's also a great conversation topic, and I have people/clients/vendors I work with regularly who ask for a Marlowe update whenever we have a meeting!”

Simon Brown, Managing Director at West Yorkshire-based Sniffers Pet Care, with Bobby.

“Bobby not only appears as a model in the Sniffers product catalogue, he’s often used to test new products!”

Rosie Davie-Smith, founder and CEO of PR Dispatch and Milo

“Milo was my companion in the early days of starting a business and working alone and he remains my reason to take lunch, go for a walk and switch off. In the midst of the chaos and uncertainty of running a business, Milo with his antics and cuddles is what centres me.”

George Bramble, founder and CEO of Beco and Tarka

“I was always surrounded by dogs growing up, so it felt completely natural to create an office environment that celebrated and welcomed pets too. Now there are at least eight office dogs that come and go to the Beco offices throughout the week, testing new recipes, trying out new toys, and generally being pampered and adored by everyone who works at Beco all day long.

Tarka also inspired Beco's logo, so is firmly considered one of the key parts of the success of the business!”

Rebecca Newenham, founder and CEO of Get Ahead with Sydney

“The best thing about having a dog is that he is always pleased to see me and is the best reason to get out in the gorgeous Surrey Hills.”

Mr Rupert, ‘founder’ of IYDHgifts 

“What about dogs who have started up their own business? IYDHgifts is a marketplace for British designers of dog themed products and Mr. Rupert is the founder!”

Ben Austen, founder and CEO of AbsoluteMedia with Frankie (Frankie-Furter) and Ralph

“We got Frankie (Dachshund) and Ralph (Labrador) at the end of 2020 and since then they have become our new co-workers! They’ve helped to make sure we take breaks and spend time away from our computer screens throughout the day. They also offer comfort and have helped to alleviate day to day stress for both my wife & I - not to mention their cuteness!”

Jonathan K. Tullett, founder and CEO of Dot Star Media, with Kevin

“We recently took on Kevin - he's our resident Goldendoodle.

He's my home-office companion and the resident toe-chewer/foot warmer when I'm using the standing desk and he makes us laugh every day.”

A founder's best friend.

So there you have it, it’s clear that dogs are an essential part of any work environment, and with many of us working from home now, many of them have also become our closest colleagues.

Here’s to our canine friends!

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