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The Business Pharmacy: Rita Trehan

The Business Pharmacy: Rita Trehan

In our final instalment of The Business Pharmacy series, Rita Trehan, the founder and CEO of DARE Worldwide, shares her 'prescription' for prosperity.

Rita led business transformation initiatives at Coca Cola and the World Bank. And now, DARE Worldwide helps other companies transform too.

Rita is also a regular media commentator for BBC World News, Sky News and LBC, and a published author.


Hi Rita! What's your daily routine?

The first thing I do is look at my phone to see what I’ve missed while asleep and check the news. I then will set up the first call I must make to my network, be they employees or business associates.

In these calls, we try to grow the business and expand our thinking around management as the practice evolves in these testing times. I try to have at least three of these calls a week.  

How do you fuel your day?

A cappuccino. And fizzy lemonade.

What about sleep?

Good sleep is a non-negotiable. I always try to get more regular sleep.  

What are the tools you rely on to get the job done?

All the normal digital ones including my laptop, PowerPoint for presentations, DropBox, Miro and any brainstorming tools to help share and develop ideas. 

How would you describe your strategy?

In the last 18 months, we've seen how important it is to adapt to change. I've always tried to be flexible, to learn new things and create better insights to be better at what I do.  

Remote or non-remote?

Hybrid working gives the best of both worlds, enabling work from anywhere but at the same time enabling time with friends and colleagues. In the Covid era, I really see no alternative to hybrid working.    

Share scheme or no share scheme?

I am generally in favour of schemes that allow employees to feel equally invested in their business or objective. We must build inclusivity into all our businesses operations.

What do you try to avoid?

Forgetting the people around you, the people that matter – which can happen if you’re working too hard.

Also, avoid hiring too quickly. Take the long view as to what is best for you and your business and avoid doing what’s easy over what is necessary.

And finally, who or what inspires you?

My parents. They were among the first Indian families to settle in Upton Park, East London. My father ran a clothing business, and they opened their first shop in the early 1970s called Rita’s.

I’ve always tried to emulate their values, hard work and entrepreneurism.

Love that! Thanks so much for your time, Rita. And for your wise words.

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