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The Joy of Enterprise Management Incentives
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Free business document templates

At Vestd, we remove the cost and complexity of share schemes with our guided digital platform. But we don’t stop there, because there are many more costly and complex things founders like yourself have to navigate through, which takes your attention away from growing your business.

So we’ve created a range of essential document templates to help you understand and overcome the various challenges that crop up when running a business, with the aim to make the journey a little smoother.

There are examples of everything from employment contracts to IP assignment agreements to advanced subscription agreements, complete with brief explanations of each document and how you can benefit from them. Enjoy!

Note: all documents will open in Google Docs. Please go to ‘File’ and ‘Download’ in your preferred format and then edit once opened in the word processing tool of your choice.


  • Guidebook to all things SEIS/EIS - an overview of the SEIS/EIS process, including the benefits, eligibility criteria, advance assurance and practical steps to implement including all necessary forms.

Investment documents

Business documents

Employment related documents

Governance related documents