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AMA: Sandeep Kashyap, founder of ProofHub

AMA: Sandeep Kashyap, founder of ProofHub

Table of Contents

As more teams follow the remote route, it’s increasingly important to have a solid set of collaboration tools. For Sandeep Kashyap, founder and CEO of ProofHub, this challenge gave him a serious lightbulb moment…

Hi Sandeep! Could you share the story behind your company, including the problem you set out to solve and the inspiration that led to its creation?

In the early days, we tackled a common client-project problem - too much back-and-forth on design leading to errors! This inspired the creation of an online proofing tool.

Soon, I realised the potential to solve broader project management challenges and envisioned a tool to help people work faster together. That led to ProofHub, now serving 85,000+ small to medium groups and businesses globally.

Over the years, we've grown, learned, and expanded our product offerings, with our team becoming a family, clients turning into friends, and our work becomes our life's mission!

What were the initial challenges you faced when launching your business, and how did you overcome them?

Starting my own business had its challenges. Limited funds meant I had to be creative and take on various roles.

Getting noticed in a busy market and finding early customers was really hard.

But I kept going and focused on making a great product by listening to user feedback and making constant improvements. The positive feedback from customers motivated me, and seeing actual teams benefit from ProofHub kept me passionate about what I was doing.

Could you tell me a bit more about your team, and how you've grown the business?

We're a diverse, passionate team united by a vision. We empower ownership, open communication, and individual contributions. But we also prioritise learning and experimentation. This lets us test & adapt as we explore new ideas, taking calculated risks to stay ahead of the curve.

We learn from all outcomes - be it a success or a failure - both are valuable learning opportunities that fuel continuous improvement. That's how we've grown organically, attracting top talent who believe in our mission.

What's your North Star metric?

Our north star isn't just a metric; it's a feeling.

We strive for customer delight.

It's not about flashy numbers or market share; it's about empowering teams to achieve amazing things with ProofHub. When we see customer success stories, hear their positive feedback, and witness their transformed workflows, that's our true measure of success.

Can you share a unique tradition, celebration, or inside joke that's become a part of your company culture?

Picking just one is tough!

ProofHub's culture is a vibrant mix of fun and shared experiences. Lunchtime card games spark friendly competition, while monthly events foster team bonding. Winter brings cricket and football tournaments, igniting healthy competition and cheers.

Beyond fun, we value shared experiences: trekking adventures, weekend getaways, and personalized birthday celebrations. We even celebrate cultural events, ensuring everyone feels included in our diverse community.

If your business were a character in a fictional universe, who or what would it be, and why?

If ProofHub were a character, it would be Iron Man. Resourceful, innovative, and constantly evolving, just like our software. We strive to be the superhero of simplicity, empowering teams to overcome complex challenges with elegance and ease.

If you could magically add one skill or quality to every person in your organisation overnight, what would it be, and how do you think it would impact your company?

I'm constantly thinking about how to empower our team to achieve remarkable results. While we have a talented group of individuals, if I could magically bestow one skill on everyone overnight, it wouldn't be purely technical or strategic.

I'd infuse every ProofHubber with an extra dose of radical empathy.

Imagine a company where every interaction, every decision, was driven by a deep understanding and appreciation of others' perspectives.

Where we truly listened to each other, not just to respond, but to connect. Where celebrating differences and fostering inclusion were second nature. That, to me, is the recipe for a truly unstoppable team.

Nice! That’s a brilliant answer - and inspiring. Thanks for your insights, Sandeep.
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