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AMA: Nirali & Jag Mankodi, founders of Superfoodio

AMA: Nirali & Jag Mankodi, founders of Superfoodio

More Brits are choosing planet-friendly food, like plant-based and meat-free alternatives. In fact, supermarket Sainsbury's predict that by 2025, vegans and vegetarians will make up 25% of UK consumers.

So, expect a steady rise in the number of new plant-based products appearing on the market, like Superfoodio. Founded by Nirali Mankodi and her husband Jag, Superfoodio is a plant-based confectionary company with a crunch.

Nirali and Jag Mankodi

Hi both! Tell us a bit about your company.

Superfoodio is a small family business. We proudly make the most delicious peanut butter chocolate in the UK. Our mission is to excite and delight taste buds all over the UK.

We're a challenger brand championing the plant-based movement. All of our treats are made using high quality simple and natural ingredients that our bodies can recognise. No palm oil, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or refined sugars!

Got it. So, how did the idea for Superfoodio come about?

We’re a husband and wife team who founded Superfoodio, inspired by our backpacking adventure around South America. Living with the local communities, we unearthed some of the world’s most nutritious foods. These foods gave us the energy for our many explorations.

From trekking through the jungles of the Amazon to conquering the Inca Trail in Peru. Upon returning home we applied our newfound passion and knowledge in the kitchen to create Superfoodio’s first product range.

Nirali & Jag

How would you best describe your business philosophy?

We’re on a delicious mission to create plant-based treats for pleasure, people and the planet. Being mission-led is what keeps us focused on building a long term, sustainable business.

What motivates you?

Building a business that we truly believe in. One that makes a positive impact on people’s lives, bringing them joy! Since launching the Smooth and Crunchy PB Chocolate bars in Dec 2020, we have sold 15,000 bars direct to consumers.

Recently, we also made it into Amazon’s Top 100 Chocolate Boxes and Gifts, which we are so excited and proud of. And we receive 5-star reviews; it makes us so happy to see everyone enjoying our products.


That's fantastic. Well done! We ask all founders this question. What's the biggest mistake either of you has made as entrepreneurs?

It can be difficult to juggle everything as an entrepreneur especially when you are starting out.  The biggest mistake is probably overthinking things.  You just have to get on with it and put the idea out there.  Then you can build on your idea using feedback from your customers. 

Absolutely. Can you share any practical tips or processes to help people work remotely?

When we launched Superfoodio, it was quite the jump going from our London office jobs to working remotely.  Some of our tips are:

  • Dress as if you are going to work to mentally prepare you for the day ahead.
  • Exercise in the morning to energise you for the day, get your blood flowing and build a routine before starting work. 
  • Plan your day.  Use tips like putting a deadline day or time next to each task to give a sense of urgency.   
  • Schedule in distractions.  It’s easy to get distracted by everything else that needs to be done in the house, cleaning, washing, cooking, being on the phone. So, build these things into your schedule for the day so you don't have to worry about them while trying to work. Try and schedule it first thing or later in the day so you can make the most out of a few solid hours of work in between.

How do you keep your team aligned?

We have regular stand-ups in the morning via Zoom to align our goals for the day.  We’ve also built-in goal setting as a weekly task on Mondays and review sessions on Friday so they are in the diary and we’re all on the same page about what we’re trying to achieve.


Do you have a share or option scheme in place for your team? What impact has it made?

We don’t have such a scheme in place as yet. However, we are always looking for ways to reward and celebrate the team's hard work and dedication.

Do you have any pets? 

We love animals, but don't have any pets as yet!

And finally, what does a Friday night look like to you?

If we’re at home, we like to spend quality time with our 2-year-old daughter before she’s tucked into bed. Then chilling out with some good food and Netflix. If we’re out, we always love checking out new plant-based eateries around London!

That sounds like a fine Friday night! Thanks so much for your time Nirali, Jag. It's been a pleasure.

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