Start your own conditional share scheme

Set tangible goals and milestones to release equity to your team once they have delivered what was promised. It has never been easier to give your team some skin in the game! 

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grow your company 28% faster

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The success of your business is driven by your people


Long-term success relies on the retention of your best people

When the team is personally invested, everyone is empowered to work towards the same goal.

Talent acquisition

Attract and motivate new hires to bring their A-game to the party

Hiring can be tough. Employee equity helps to level the playing field and motivates people to do their best work.

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Truly digital equity management

Vestd is the first and most advanced equity platform in the UK, with about twice as many features as the next best provider in the market.

Full, two-way Companies House integration

A real-time, 100% accurate digital cap table

Guided setup and ongoing support


Design, launch and manage flexible share schemes

Motivate key people (or your whole team) with 'conditional equity', where recipients are rewarded in line with their actual contribution. Customisable agreements and shareholder docs are included, plus regular company valuations from our in-house team. You won’t need to pay an accountant or lawyer to help. Everything is provided as part of the service.

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Choose the best scheme type for your needs

Enterprise Management Incentives are the most tax-efficient option scheme for employees. Growth Shares are perfect for when you’ve built up some value in your business. Unapproved Options are super flexible and can be used for non-employees. Agile Partnerships were designed for co-founder agreements / prenups. You can issue Ordinary Shares to investors directly via the platform too.

Boost productivity and improve employee happiness

Shareholder dashboards

Recipients can track the value of their equity and model future scenarios, to figure out what their pot could be worth.

FCA authorised & regulated

Other providers don't seem to think this matters, but we do. Your equity is your most valuable asset, after all.

Affordable fees

You’ll pay a fraction of what accountants and lawyers typically charge to set up share schemes and manage your equity.

"The platform itself allows you to manage all aspects of share and option management concisely in one place. The automations and integrations save you time. But while the platform is great, it is the team that makes Vestd stand out. From pre-sales to onboarding and the ever-helpful support team - not only do they support on the platform but provide excellent knowledge in this area."
Jenny J

Jenny James

Chief Operating Officer, Findr

    Attract, retain and motivate your talent now

    To fast-track your scheme simply book a discovery call. We will help you explore tax-efficiency, how to protect existing shareholders, what happens if people leave, and costs. We'll show you the Vestd platform if you're interested, but this is a free equity consultation for you, not a sales pitch.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How many shares should I give to people?

    This is one of the first questions you will face. Three things to figure out:

    • How much of my company equity should I set aside for the scheme?
    • How many shares should each team member receive?
    • How do I manage dilution as new team members join the scheme?

    Learn about giving people shares

    What is a vesting schedule?

    When you award options to employees they don’t become available to them immediately. Instead, the options go through a ‘vesting’ period, and become available over time. No prizes for guessing where our brand name comes from!

    • What is a vesting schedule?
    • Who is subject to vesting?
    • When do options normally vest?
    • What should my vesting schedule look like?

    Learn about vesting

    When can my team access their shares?

    Real shares are granted immediately, but options are subject to vesting, and that comes in two distinct forms: exit-only or exercisable. We are huge fans of the latter for all sorts of reasons, but most companies choose the former.

    • What are exit-based options?
    • What are exercisable options?
    • What are the key differences between exercisable vs exit-only options?
    • Which type is right for me?

    Learn about exercisable vs exit-only options

    What kind of conditions can I set?

    Some schemes can be conditional... and you decide what the conditions are.

    Options schemes are usually aligned to time-based vesting over a period of years, but you can also set performance milestones.

    EMI option schemes and Agile Partnerships are both perfect vehicles for conditional equity rewards.

    Learn about Conditional Equity Milestones

    How should I price my shares?

    This depends on how you want to distribute equity (e.g real shares, growth shares, or options). There are tax implications for each of these methods.

    For EMI options schemes you have a choice to make: you can allow employees to exercise the options at the nominal value, or at an agreed actual market value. The former incurs income tax, whereas there is no tax owed on the latter. Or perhaps the exercise price will be somewhere in between these two values?

    This can be a lot to get your head around, so if you want to talk it through then just schedule a no-obligation call with one of our equity experts.

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    What happens if someone leaves?

    As a business owner you have plenty of protection in the event that an individual leaves or doesn’t deliver, so long as the right conditions are in place.

    However, it’s important for the equity to create the desired impact and incentive. That means the recipient also needs to feel that the criteria is fair.

    Read about what to do when people leave