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The Joy of Enterprise Management Incentives
Read our free guide to the UK's most tax-efficient share scheme.
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Affordable pricing for US-based founders

Everything you need to start your business!

Use Vestd to set up your startup with a flexible equity structure. Reward co-founders and team members in line with their contribution. Migrate your business to the US once people have earned their slice of the pie.


Starting out

$100 / month
  • Limited company formation
  • Co-founder agreements
  • Founder prenups
  • Guided onboarding
  • Specialized support

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Growth stage

$250 / month
  • Limited company formation
  • Co-founder agreements
  • Team equity agreements
  • Scheme design & set up
  • Fully guided onboarding
  • Specialized support

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Slicing Pie... with Vestd

Incorporate your company digitally

Once you have chosen a company name you can incorporate on our platform, which is fully integrated with Companies House.

Build out your grunt fund with real shares

Shares are real, legal and conditional from day one, so all co-founders will know what is expected of them.

Bake your pie in a flexible environment

The UK is globally recognised as the most flexible jurisdiction for (conditional) shareholders. You are protected from the get go.

Set tangible, measurable and specific milestones

Use the Slicing Pie framework to allocate equity proportionately via Vestd, in line with what people will bring to the table.


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