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Vestd Lite: the UK’s #1 equity management platform

The most powerful equity management platform for UK startups and SMEs with full Companies House integration. Instantly issue shares, manage shareholders and view your cap table for just £25 a month.

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Why use an equity management platform?

You’re legally required to maintain an up-to-date, accurate shareholder register, but when a company grows it can become increasingly complicated to accurately track ownership. Vestd Lite makes everything simple. The platform is fully connected to Companies House, so there’s no need for any paperwork.


What are the main benefits of Vestd Lite?

You can issue shares and generate share certificates which can be signed online. You’ll get a digital cap table and scenario modelling functionality. Shareholders will get their own portal. We also provide CoSec tools to take the friction out of compliance and governance, as well as customisable business and legal document templates.


Why do investors love using our platform?

Investors use Vestd Lite to monitor the value of their shareholdings at an individual company level and also collectively via a portfolio view. Our modelling tools can be used to run future value scenarios. There is also a secure digital data room for sharing and storing key information. We’re building other features for investors - watch this space.


Why choose Vestd Lite for equity management?

Issue shares digitally

Issue shares to investors and your team via Vestd, along with share certificates which can be signed online. You can also sub-divide share classes if required.

Get a digital cap table

We’ll provide you with a cap table to accurately track ownership. You’ll get a reminder to prepare Confirmation Statements, which you can generate and submit via the platform.

Shareholder dashboards

All shareholders can log in to their personal dashboard and play with our scenario modelling tools. Your investors can also access tools to help them manage their portfolio.

Equity management & CoSec tools

When it comes to managing your company's equity there’s very little that you can’t do via Vestd. Everything is done digitally and you can keep your official records up to date at the click of a button.

Key features

  • Maintain your cap table
  • Keep an accurate register of all shareholders
  • Shareholder portals
  • Generate and submit Confirmation Statements
  • Store key documents in a secure digital data room
  • Authorise and issue Ordinary Shares
  • Create share certificates (which can be signed online)
  • Subdivide existing share classes
  • Create and execute board and shareholder resolutions
  • Add and change director details
  • Change the company name
  • Update People with Significant Control (PSCs)
  • Share buybacks & stock transfers
  • Free business and legal document templates

Join Vestd Lite

Sign up to register your company and then connect with Companies House to see your digital cap table for just £25 a month.

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