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A glossary of equity-related terms. No jargon, just definitions.

Bath, UK

What prompted you to use Vestd?

Initially the low implementation cost was attractive but I was also impressed by the information on the website.

The introductory call was hugely helpful in explaining the Vestd proposition and EMI schemes more generally.

What feature of our product was most appealing?

A combination of price and the ability to manage the scheme ourselves rather than requiring a third party legal or accountancy firm to assist with each step.

Did our team communicate effectively?

Yes, definitely. Though almost all of the process could be completed online without any direct communication, the Vestd team were always available to answer specific questions at various stages.

Has Vestd helped you to save time or costs when managing your share scheme?

I have to assume so, the costs we saw advertised elsewhere were significantly more expensive, particularly the initial set up fees, and the process seemed very straightforward and therefore did not consume too much time.

What do you think a share scheme has done for your business?

It enabled the owners to attract and retain employees and, ultimately, reward them in line with the success of the business.

Would you use Vestd again?

Vestd was great. Loads easier and simpler than doing this the traditional way. 


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