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Essential business and legal docs for startups

We’ve created a range of document templates to help you on your startup journey. Docs that aren’t just useful to have but essential as your business and the team grows.

You’re launching a business. As exciting as it is, it’s all-consuming. You’re busy, we get it.

So to help make things easier, we’ve compiled a complete list of all the business and legal documents you need in one place. What’s more, with Launch, you can access templates for all of these for free!

Employment related documents

  • Employment Contract - sets out the terms of employment for individuals.
  • Consultancy Agreement - sets out the terms of engagement for a consultant.
  • Directors’ Service Agreement - sets out the terms of engagement for a director.
  • Non-executive Director Appointment Letter - a letter that details the appointment of a non-executive director to the board.

Business documents

  • Intellectual Property Assignment - ensures that any intellectual property created by a third party belongs to the company.
  • Non-disclosure Agreement - protects information about the company from being disclosed by third parties.
  • Power of Attorney - allows another person to act on someone’s behalf for certain matters.
  • Agreement for the Surrender of Options - documents the cancelation of some or all options held by an option holder.

Governance related documents

  • Investor Consent Template - may be needed where certain investors have specific consent rights over and above those set out in the statute.
  • Notice of Willingness to be Appointed a Director - used as a record of a director consenting to be appointed.
  • Founders’ Agreement - this governs the relationship between co-founders and their respective responsibilities within the company.

Investment documents

  • Share Subscription Letter and Agreement - can be used when a company is receiving an investment from an individual or company.
  • Short Form Shareholders’ Agreement - regulates the relationship between shareholders.
  • Subscription and Shareholders’ Agreement - combines a subscription letter and shareholders’ agreement into a single document and contains more robust terms than the basic shareholders’ agreement.
  • Deed of Adherence - binds new shareholders to an existing shareholders’ agreement.
  • Advance Subscription Agreement - enables companies to take on funds quickly and results in the company issuing shares in return at a later date.
  • Convertible Loan Note - enables companies to take on funds quickly and will be repaid in shares or cash at a later date.


  • Guidebook to all things SEIS/EIS - an overview of the SEIS/EIS process, including the benefits, eligibility criteria, advance assurance and practical steps to implement including all necessary forms.

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