Vestd for accountants

Help your clients to manage employee share schemes, EMI option schemes, and other equity-based agreements.

Vestd is the most advanced platform of its kind - everything is done digitally and in the cloud. Become a partner and extend your service offering… you’ll love working with us.

Grow your practice

Vestd is used by firms that already offer EMI schemes and other types of employee share scheme, as well as practices that don’t currently provide these services.

We will help you to grow your advisory offering: generate additional fees, build stronger client relationships, and cross sell other services.

Grow your practice

Products and services

You can offer the following to your client base (and a few others).

Employee share schemes

We’ll help you design and launch a bespoke share scheme, or you can digitise an existing scheme. Our team will help you choose the best fit for your clients.

EMI schemes

The most tax-efficient way of giving employees shares, both for the business and the recipient. Vestd makes EMI scheme administration easy.

Growth shares

Growth shares are a hidden gem. They’re used to reward employees and non-employees in a way that minimises dilution for existing shareholders.

Eliminate client management chaos

Accounting practices that use Vestd greatly reduce the pain of extracting important information from clients, which can be a real challenge as those key HMRC deadlines approach.

Our platform tracks client activity as it happens and gathers the data automatically, to close the loop. You can:

  • Download a pre-filled spreadsheet for client annual HMRC notifications.
  • Stop retrospectively amending forms.
  • Make audit chaos a thing of the past.
  • Ensure that client schemes remain compliant and avoid damaging your firm’s reputation.
Due diligence

Manage and expand client share schemes

Digitise existing schemes to make its management and expansion much simpler.

Migrate an existing scheme

Upload and digitise existing scheme documents and allow shareholders to interact via their own portal.

Say hello, wave goodbye

Bring new people onboard and easily manage leavers and option exercise/cancellation.

Digitise the creation of new docs

Future documents will be created - and signed - within the platform.

Don’t miss any important deadlines

Vestd will generate the initial and annual HMRC notifications, and let you know when they’re due.

More features, less risk

Vestd is the only equity platform with full, two-way Companies House and HMRC integration. We’re FCA-authorised and regulated too.

Real time cap table

An accurate, real time view of issued and outstanding capital.

Share certificates

Generate certificates digitally and store them securely.

Scenario modelling

Model the impact of option pools and future investment rounds on existing shareholders

Eliminate compliance headaches

Around half of all existing EMI schemes are non-compliant. Make sure your client stays compliant.

Issue shares and options instantly

Compliantly execute all share transactions and grant options.

Your legal register

Every UK company has to have a Legal Share Register, Directors Register and a PSC Register. We’ve got you covered.

How we help partners

We’ll help your team to become Vestd superusers, to efficiently manage client share schemes.


Dedicated account manager

Somebody you can call on when you need help.

Priority expert support

Rapid response from the UK’s equity specialists.

Face to face technical help

Our specialists will guide you down the best path for your clients.

Assisted onboarding

Digitising large schemes can be a pain, but we have the tools to help.

Partner benefits

Pass on value to your clients, in the form of an ongoing discount. The more people you refer, the bigger the discount they’ll receive.



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  • Save time and money
  • Stay compliant
  • Pass on value to clients
  • Differentiate your service offering from competitor firms

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