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Manage your portfolio with ease and evaluate potential investments.

The platform is fully synced with Companies House, to provide you with accurate, real-time insight.

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Add your investments for complete visibility of your shareholdings. View cap tables and detailed share movements.

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Organise investments by fund, geography or sector, and view your portfolio as a whole or by individual company.

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Explore future value scenarios based on various growth trajectories, to figure out potential payouts.

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Remove friction and save time. Action shareholder resolutions via DocuSign, access data rooms, and get updates from founders.

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Set up and manage new SPVs without leaving the platform, then invite co-investors to fund and participate.

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The Joy of Enterprise Management Incentives
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Protect the dream, inspire the team, with co-founder prenups


Vestd's co-founder prenup mission

In the first flush of startup excitement, nobody wants to think about equity management. And besides, your co-founder is your mate. What could go wrong?

Well, not to bring Eduardo Saverin into this but honestly, he is the ultimate example of what can go wrong. Him and Travis Kalanick, Jerry Yang, Joe King, Antje Danielson…

That's why Vestd is on a mission to get YOU protected from the off, and you'll both (or all) be super up for smashing your goals as a result.

We want to see a world where co-founders are rewarded fairly for their contributions, regardless of what happens down the road.

Use conditional equity to spark healthier, more productive partnerships. 

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Get #Cofounderprenup sorted or suffer the fate of this poor soul...


A monumental rise

We introduced our ‘prenup plan’ (known formally as Agile Partnerships) back in 2021 and since then, take up has risen by 500%

Want to know why, and to find out what a co-founder prenup can do for you?

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65% of startups fail due to co-founder conflict.

35% of successful startups lose a co-founder within ten years.


A two person team is nearly twice as likely to dissolve their business as a solo entrepreneur.

20% of startups entering the Y Combinator accelerator programme collapsed within 9-12 months because of cofounder issues.


Seriously, don't be this guy...


Case Study: Giancarlo Erra, Founder of 

Despite having a great idea (inspired by an unmemorable dog sitting van!), Giancarlo needed help to bring to life but didn’t have the money to attract talent. He used his equity to attract co-founders, and to protect it, he used Vestd to set up watertight and inspiring prenups.

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ben bennett-1

Case Study: Ben Bennet, Co-founder of Second Voice Pro 

Bootstrapping a startup to success can be an uphill struggle, but Second-Voice Pro’s co-founder Ben Bennet recognised the power of the prenup, “we really needed to incentivize individuals to to take control of their part of the process” he said, “in order to build a solid foundation from which we could grow”...

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Remember folks, dress for the slide, not for the ride.

By taking care of the future you, you’ll be giving present you peace of mind, and you’ll be driving prosperity for your newly-minted venture.

And if you do need some further anti-inspiration, check out our blog post on infamous co-founder fallouts here.

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