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It is essential to have an accurate view of your company’s ownership structure, especially if you are heading towards a funding round or acquisition.

Our free cap table template (spreadsheet) will help you track ownership. It is intended for non-complex companies.


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Our team of equity specialists help UK SMEs every day of the week. We've seen our fair share of broken cap tables and know the problems they can cause.

Save yourself unnecessary headaches. See how you could ditch the spreadsheet altogether and manage your cap table on Vestd. Book a call today to see it in action.

Our equity specialists will also help you:

Discover the best scheme type

We will outline the four most common ways of distributing shares, and the pros and cons of each one (e.g. tax-efficiency).

Understand the process

There are more than 20 steps involved in setting up a share scheme. We’ll explain what you need to do, and how to avoid the complexity and hassle by using our platform.

Figure out the costs

And not just for set up, because it’s important to know what you’re in for over the lifetime of a scheme.

Learn how to stay compliant

Around 50% of all existing EMI schemes are not compliant. Every year non-compliance costs shareholders many millions upon exit. We’ll help you avoid the mother of all headaches when it is time to exit.

Ask a Vestd expert:

  • How we can help you set up a new share scheme
  • Why it is important to digitise an existing scheme
  • How to offset the costs of a share scheme against your tax liability
  • How to incentivise shareholders in a way that minimises their own tax bill
  • To show you a demo of the Vestd platform