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Manage your portfolio with ease and evaluate potential investments.

The platform is fully synced with Companies House, to provide you with accurate, real-time insight.

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Add your investments for complete visibility of your shareholdings. View cap tables and detailed share movements.

organise iconOrganise

Organise investments by fund, geography or sector, and view your portfolio as a whole or by individual company.

scenario iconModel

Explore future value scenarios based on various growth trajectories, to figure out potential payouts.

streamline iconStreamline

Remove friction and save time. Action shareholder resolutions via DocuSign, access data rooms, and get updates from founders.

SPVs iconSPVs

Set up and manage new SPVs without leaving the platform, then invite co-investors to fund and participate.

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The Joy of Enterprise Management Incentives
Read our free guide to the UK's most tax-efficient share scheme.
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Why sharing ownership with your team makes perfect sense

A Business Case for Launching a Share Scheme

We surveyed over 5,000+ people to discover exactly how share schemes can help to grow your business and achieve your goals.

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Why share schemes rock

Share schemes are a superb, cost-effective way of motivating your team. They are increasingly being launched by progressive companies in the UK.

Hit your targets and reach your goals

Set equity conditions and milestones to incentivise your team and reward equity based on performance.

Attract the best talent

Level the playing field by offering equity to new employees and bring top talent into your business.

Retain your staff and help them grow

Share schemes improve retention. Key people are less likely to leave something that they own a piece of.

Relieve cashflow pressure

Use equity to reduce the need for finance and benefit from the tax advantages share schemes offer.

Improve employee engagement and happiness

Motivate your team by including them in the mission, direction, and success of the business.

Increase overall business value

Shared ownership means a stronger and happier team that works harder and is likely to add business value.


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Ask us anything about shares on a free, 1-2-1 equity consultation with one of our specialists.


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Don't just take our word for it...

We asked over 5,000+ people to help justify the investment into sharing equity. Here are some of the highlights...

Improved employee recruitment

93% of Vestd customers confirmed that sharing ownership has helped with their recruitment efforts

Increased employee rention

95% of Vestd customers said that their share scheme has actively helped to improve employee loyalty.

Greater company productivity

HM Treasury research found that tax-advantaged employee share plans increases company productivity by 2.5% to 4.1%.

Faster business growth

Companies that share ownership posted growth of 10.2%, vs 7.7% average growth in UK GDP.

Enhanced team alignment

More than half of survey respondents said sharing ownership has improved team alignment.

Strong company culture

49% of companies with a share scheme found that it had strengthened their company culture.

Schedule a 1-2-1 equity consultation

Get on the fast track to launching your very own custom share scheme by booking a free call with one of our equity experts. We’ll answer any questions you have about sharing ownership.

Our team of equity specialists help UK SMEs every day of the week.

If you are looking to give people shares (or options) then book a no obligation call to get some guidance. We'll find the best fit for your business and help you explore:

  • Your company structure
  • The best scheme types for your needs
  • How to protect existing shareholders
  • Setting conditions and milestones
  • The costs and tax implications

Figure out when would be a good time to talk and schedule a video meeting (or contact us to request a phone call).


The UK's original equity management platform

Vestd offers everything you need to set up, manage and share ownership with key people. Our team provides end-to-end expert support from setup through to exit.

The UK’s share scheme specialists

We'll help you design a tax-efficient custom employee share scheme that fits your philosophy.

A platform built for UK businesses

Trusted by thousands of SMEs and startups (and their investors) to digitally manage equity.

Lifetime scheme management

Setting things up is one small step, but we're also around to help to manage your scheme too.

Easily add and remove recipients

Changing and adding scheme members on Vestd easy to use platform is a piece of cake.

Digitally manage everything

Exercise options digitally and we will automatically notify Companies House with two-way integration.

Vestd is FCA authorised

The only UK share scheme platform purpose-built for SMEs that is regulated by the FCA.

Defensible company valuations

Our in-house analysts provide regular valuations for growing companies.

Ongoing expert support

We provide end-to-end support, from start to finish with no random fees.

We make sharing ownership easy!

Let us take care of the hard work for you. Save time, money and avoid stress by using our fully-guided service and easy-to-use platform.

Old Way vs Vestd Way
The platform itself allows you to manage all aspects of share and option management concisely in one place. The automations and integrations save you time. But while the platform is great, it is the team that makes Vestd stand out. From pre-sales to onboarding and the ever-helpful support team - not only do they support on the platform but provide excellent knowledge in this area.
Jenny James
Jenny James
Chief Operating Officer, Findr
Great platform. The team always provide brilliant support. I would definitely recommend using Vestd to anyone who needs to set up and administer an EMI scheme.
Sarah T.
Sarah T.
Straight forward and structured approach - so good for founders and also FD/CFO/advisor who is looking to get share capital and share option schemes in place.
Ciaran O.
Ciaran O.
A fantastic platform. The price is fixed. The customer support is fantastic and readily available. They have held our hand right through the whole process.
Tim S.
Tim S.
I love Vestd and I wish I had found it sooner. It makes the whole process of issuing shares whether they're growth shares or ordinary shares incredibly simple.
James B.
James B.
Amazing shift from Excel to Vestd. The support team were amazing and did a great job of completing our setup and we have been very pleased at being able to better manage our governance over time.
Dan W.
Dan W.
Co-Founder & CEO

Manage equity with ease!

There's no need for accountants or lawyers. Giving your employees a piece of the pie has never been easier.


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