Admin, it’s boring but someone’s got to do it. And in some cases, it’s a legal requirement.

For example, under the Company’s Act, you have a legal obligation to update Companies House with any material changes to your equity. Those changes include but are not limited to:

These are the kind of tasks that call for a company secretary. But in the early days, when time and resources are tight, Cosec duties often fall on founders.

Thankfully, whoever takes on these responsibilities can use Vestd to complete essential Cosec tasks. In fact, Vestd offers full Companies House integration to make those processes even easier.

What can company secretaries do on Vestd?

  • Maintain an up-to-date share register of all shareholders and their shareholdings
  • Access a digital cap table that automatically updates
  • Generate confirmation statements
  • Securely store all documents digitally
  • Authorise and issue ordinary shares
  • Add new share classes, or authorise and subdivide existing ones
  • Generate and sign share certificates
  • Create and execute board/shareholder resolutions
  • Adopt best-in-class Articles of Association
  • Change your company name and directors' details
  • Update details of PSCs

Let’s say you want to use Vestd to launch a company share scheme. Here’s what else you can do:

The platform also sends reminders about HMRC notification deadlines, to help businesses stay in HMRC’s good books.

Learn more about how Vestd makes life easier for company secretaries or see Vestd for yourself.