What can I do on Vestd?

From share scheme management to CoSec tasks, discover all the features available on Vestd.

Our platform ensures compliance by design. Whether you’re issuing ordinary shares, conditional growth shares or EMI options, you design the terms for each agreement and the platform will execute it all digitally – along with all the required legal documents and Companies House filing. 

But beyond setting up share schemes and issuing equity, there’s a whole host of other features available that makes managing your equity and completing essential CoSec tasks effortless.

EMI and unapproved option schemes 

Authorise an option pool: Create and authorise an option pool to grant options from. You can also top up existing pools when they’re running low. 

Get a company valuation: Request a new or refresh valuation through the platform. For EMI, we’ll get you an HMRC-approved valuation

Design EMI and unapproved option schemes: Set time or performance-based vesting schedules for each recipient. 

Use the Vestd option agreement: Save thousands in legal fees by using our option agreement for your EMI and unapproved option schemes. You can upload your own agreements if you wish. 

Grant options to recipients: Invite each recipient to Vestd so they can see their agreement and project the future value.

Growth shares and Agile Partnerships 

Authorise a share pool: Create and authorise a share pool to issue growth shares from. You can also top up existing pools when they’re running low. 

Adopt the Vestd articles or specific growth share clauses: Use the Vestd Articles of Association to allow your company to issue conditional growth shares, or adopt the specific growth share clauses. These clauses have been designed to allow you to easily defer the shares if the conditions aren’t met, and so as not to impact any future SEIS/EIS share issues.

Design a conditional growth share scheme: Set time or performance-based vesting schedules for each recipient.

Issue conditional equity: Invite each recipient to Vestd so they can see their agreement and project the future value. 

Create an Agile Partnership: A fair, transparent conditional equity agreement that rewards founders for the work they put in, and protects them when someone fails to deliver. 

Equity and company secretarial tools 

Cap table management: View your current cap table and simulate different future scenarios, for example when all options are exercised. 

Issue ordinary shares: Effortlessly issue ordinary shares to new and existing shareholders, and select whether it’s part of an investment round. Share certificates will be generated automatically and the necessary paperwork will be filed with Companies House.

S/EIS advance assurance: Begin your SEIS/EIS investment journey. Apply for advance assurance with confidence through our fully guided digital application. Free to customers on our Full Service and Guided plans, £350 + VAT for all other plans. 

Incorporate a new company: Launch a new company and incorporate it with Companies House directly through the platform. 

HMRC reporting tools: Get notified when you need to submit your initial and annual EMI notifications. 

Investment modelling: Add investment rounds, share issues, and set valuations to visualise future scenarios. 

Business document templates: Access to dozens of essential agreements and legal documents to help you hit the ground running. 

Execute and record share movements: Issue ordinary shares, record stock transfers and buybacks, and move shares between classes. All the necessary resolutions will be generated and Companies House will be updated automatically. 

Share certificates: Customise your share certificates with your logo and brand colours. Share certificates are automatically generated when you issue shares, growth shares, or on the exercise of options. You can also save time by setting up digital signing. 

New share classes: Create new share classes for options, growth shares, or ordinary shares.

Bespoke resolutions: Create bespoke resolutions for all types of business matters. All resolutions are digitally generated and signed. 

Add directors and PSCs: Import your data from Companies House and easily add/remove directors and PSCs

Document storage: All agreements, resolutions, share certificates and other documents generated by the platform are securely stored on Vestd for your records. 

Shareholder management  

My Equity: All shareholders and option holders invited to Vestd get their own My Equity page where they can view their shareholding and simulate future value. 

Shareholder comms: Add an investor relations email address to send company updates to all your shareholders. 


As a customer-led platform, your feedback helps us make the improvements you want to see. So if you have any suggestions for new features or you have difficulty with existing features, please share your thoughts

Please note, some of the features listed above may not be available on your platform tier. If you’re on Essentials you won’t be able to create an Agile Partnership or EMI, unapproved or growth share scheme.


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