How do I start a new EMI valuation?

Request a new or refresh EMI valuation directly through the Vestd platform.

Whether you're setting up your first EMI scheme or granting more options, you need a valid HMRC-approved valuation to ensure you don't run into any problems later down the line. 

The good news is that getting a company valuation is super simple - and often included in your Vestd plan* (the platform will tell you how many valuations you have per year when you start a full valuation). 

To start the process, log in to your account and go to Valuations > New Valuation > Share scheme valuation. 

We'll ask questions about your company, its finances, previous investment, and details of the share scheme itself. 

Just so you know, we'll also ask you to upload your profit & loss and balance sheet for the previous three years, in case you need to find or download the info. 

Once complete, our Valuations team will form your company valuation along with the VAL231 form which is needed for EMI. This typically takes 1-2 weeks. 

We'll be in touch via email with a valuation for your approval. If all is good, you can submit the valuation and VAL231 form to HMRC. 


*Visit our pricing page for more information about what is included in our plans. 


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