Document signing on Vestd

How to upload documents, and get them signed through Vestd

The document signing tool allows you to seamlessly manage the signing process for any documents that sit outside of Vestd's integrated workflows.

Whether it's Shareholder Agreements, ITEPAs, Convertible Loan Notes, Non-Disclosure Agreements, or Advanced Subscription Agreements, the tool empowers you to efficiently handle the signing workflow.

If you're looking to adopt a document that requires ordinary or special resolutions, please check out our bespoke resolutions tool instead. It's also worth noting that we are currently unable to support witness signed documents. 


Let's get started and make document signing a breeze!

How do I upload a document? 

You can find document signing via your side navigation bar, go to Secretarial & admin -> Document signing. 

Upload the document and select the document type that applies. If none apply select the "Other" category and use the description box below. 

How do I add and invite my signers? 

Add the required signers in by typing their name and contact email address. This will be where they will receive the invite to sign. 



Once all signers are listed, the document will process. This can take up to a couple of minutes for large documents. 

You'll then be asked to place the signatures on the document along with an optional date field. Just click on the signers name, and then click on the document where the signature needs to go. 



Once all signers are placed you're ready to go! Click save and send for signing, and the signers will receive an email invite. They will then be guided through the DocuSign process. 

What happens next? 

Track the progress of your document signing in your documents area.

Once everyone has signed, you will be notified by email with the finalised signed document attached. 


Our team, content and app can help you make informed decisions. However, any guidance and support should not be considered as 'legal, tax or financial advice.'