How to create a bespoke resolution

Quickly generate and send out bespoke resolutions through Vestd.

Via your homepage or side navigation bar, go to Secretarial & admin > Resolutions > Create and manage resolutions. Here you’ll see your resolutions and a button to Create a new resolution.

After you’ve clicked Create a new resolution, you’ll need to enter the details of the bespoke resolution:

  • The purpose of the resolution
  • Who needs to sign it 
  • The percentage to pass 
  • Any must-sign shareholders 
  • Whether it’s passed manually or automatically 

Please note, any shareholders’ resolutions with a pass rate of 75% or more become special resolutions and will be automatically filed with Companies House. 

Then, write the resolution in the Resolution text box (this is what will be sent out to and seen by the recipients) and complete the remaining fields. 

You can also attach any associated documents to the resolution, and select whether it gets filed with Companies House. 

Once complete, double-check everything is correct and click Continue. You’ll have another chance to review everything on the next page before the resolution is sent for signing. 

If you’re happy everything is correct, click Send for signing and the appropriate people will be emailed with the resolution and any attachments. 

You can view its status on the Resolutions page, and send email reminders to any outstanding signers by clicking the resolution’s ID number. 

Just so you know, we’ll continue to automatically generate resolutions when required from platform actions. Bespoke resolutions are additional functionality that let you easily create, send and save resolutions on Vestd. 


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