Opting out of managing shareholder & secretarial matters

The platform has an option to be able to disable shareholder and company secretarial management.

Vestd has full, two-way Companies House integration, which means everything is done digitally. This has a number of benefits, including simplifying your company secretarial workload and easily keeping your cap table up to date.

We know, however, that occasionally companies have existing processes set up to manage shareholder and company secretarial matters and wish to keep using that approach, rather than utilising Vestd for this purpose. If this is a requirement, and you only wish to used Vestd to manage your equity scheme, then we can potentially disable shareholder management and company secretarial processes. If this is done, it will mean the following functionality is disabled:

  • Cap table (the share class screen will be shown instead)
  • Confirmation statements (this also means no reminders will be sent)
  • PSC management
  • Shareholder resolutions (these will need to be manually uploaded)
  • Company updates (this will remove the ability to send a message to all shareholders from within the application)
  • Share allotments 
    • An exception to this will be that as part of managing your equity scheme, we will send SH01s to Companies House for any exercise requests that are completed using the platform.
  • Stock transfers, share cancellations and share class conversions (cancellations and conversions would be possible at a class level)

It is important to note that currently once shareholder management and company secretarial functionality has been switched off, it cannot be reversed and switched back on again.

If this is an option you would like to explore, please contact our Customer Success team.


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