What ID checks do Vestd perform?

At Vestd we run ID checks against certain users of a company, in most cases these are automated and carried out in the background but if we aren't able to get a good match you will be emailed asking for supporting documentation.

  • When a company joins Vestd we will run a check against the person setting up the company, we will also run an ID check against any other people who are brought on as editors of the company. (see below)
  • In addition we will also run checks against a companies Persons of Significant Control, these are people who have a large shareholding or some other level of control over a company.

Directors, shareholders and viewers of a company won't get checked as they don't have the ability to make any changes, unless they fall into one of the categories above, or unless the Editor is not a Director, and then a Director ID document would also be required.

The ID checks we run are known as soft id checks, these don't have an impact on your credit record.
For more information on the difference please take a look at this article by Experian.

Why do Vestd request ID verification for editors?

Here at Vestd we take your data protection and the management of your share schemes seriously. As a regulated company, we have a responsibility to know and verify anyone who has permissions that allow them to make changes to your sensitive information.


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