How to onboard your company to Vestd

The key steps to getting your company set up on the Vestd platform.

Registering your company on Vestd is simple. Once you have added your company name, you’ll be asked to enter your company reference number (CRN) and your Company Authentication Code (CAC) sent to you by Companies House when you first incorporated. 

You can find your CRN on your invoices, receipts, letterheads and letters received from Companies House. 

We use your CAC to sync your company data from Companies House, so once you’re registered on the platform, much of the director, shareholder and cap table information is already completed. You only need to enter your CAC once, and it will be encrypted away in our database. 

If you can’t find your CAC, you can request a reminder from Companies House. This will take about a week to arrive by post at your company’s registered address.

Once you’ve entered the details, click Start and the platform will retrieve your company data from Companies House. This may take a few minutes to load. 


You’ll then be taken into the platform itself where you’ll be asked to complete some missing information, and confirm the details we pulled from Companies House. If you need help with any of the details, click Invite another editor… to add another user to the platform. 



Once you have completed the outstanding tasks, click Confirm details to arrange a call with your Equity Consultant to confirm everything’s correct and set your company live. 

If you haven’t spoken to one of our Equity Consultants yet, it’s worth booking an introductory call to help us understand what you want to achieve from your share schemes and discuss the right plan for your company. They can also answer any questions on the onboarding process. 

After your call, you’ll be transferred to our Onboarding team who will complete the required backend tasks with you — such as subdivisions, valuations and existing scheme uploads — before you can begin issuing shares and options on Vestd.


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