How to use Vestd's Communication tool

Send updates to shareholders, employees and external parties through Vestd.

Vestd’s new and improved Communication tool lets you send messages to your company’s stakeholders as well as external parties.

We’ve essentially developed an in-app email service – but as the email addresses of your directors, shareholders, option holders and other stakeholders are already saved on Vestd, you can use the advanced filters to create bespoke mailing lists for all kinds of company updates. 

Whether you’re updating the company’s option holders, shareholders (or a specific class of shareholder), or even pitching potential investors, you can do it all effortlessly. 

How do I create a message? 

Log in to Vestd and go to Communication in your side navigation and select Create new message. Your screen will look like this: 

You can treat the form just like an ordinary email. Enter the recipients’ email addresses, add a subject and write the message; you can also direct replies to a specific address, add attachments, and choose a border colour to match your brand. 

Creating custom mailing lists with group filtering 

The most impressive feature is the address filtering you see on the right. 

Easily create custom mailing lists, from all shareholders to a specific class, voting or non-voting, or option holders from a certain scheme template. 

If you want to message external parties such as potential investors, you can add individual email addresses too. You can also remove individual recipients from the selected groups in the ‘To’ field. 

When you’re happy with the message and mailing list, click Save & preview

Here you can see how the message will look to recipients – including any branding colour you have chosen. Click Edit to go back and make changes, and Send to send the email to your recipients. 

All sent and draft messages will be saved on your Communication index page, where you can also edit drafts and duplicate messages (ideal for quarterly updates and other templated messages). 


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