How do I invite shareholders to Vestd?

Give your shareholders their own dashboard to view their shares and project future value.

When you first join the platform, your company's shareholders will be automatically pulled from Companies House and visible on your cap table. 

But they won't be able to view their shareholding and its value unless you invite them to manage their own Vestd account. 

(Don't worry, inviting shareholders to Vestd doesn't count towards your total scheme members allowed in your plan. Unless the shareholder is added to a share scheme, of course) 

Invite shareholders to view their equity

Log in to your account and go to Secretarial & admin > Shareholders via the side navigation. 

Click on the name of the shareholder you wish to invite, then click Invite in the Managed column below. 

You'll then be prompted to enter their email address before sending the invite. 

The shareholder will receive an email invite to register to the platform, and once complete they will have access to their own dashboard where they can view their shareholding and project its future value. 


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