Granting options to recipients who are outside the UK

This provides an overview of how this can be done on the Vestd platform

If a company wishes to grant options to an Employee, Advisor, Associate, or Consultant, but they are based outside the UK, the tax implications, and potentially the optimal agreement construct, are likely to vary depending upon the country in which they are resident. This may mean that the Vestd option agreements in their current form may not be a perfect fit for the proposed option grant.

There are a number of different routes that companies may choose to go about granting such options  via the Vestd platform: 

  1. They provide recipients with Vestd’s standard option agreements  - and suggest that recipients take their own tax advice in their local jurisdiction.
  2. They alternatively ask local advisers in the respective country to adapt Vestd’s standard UK documentation for the local regulatory framework - this will give them a bespoke template for the territory which Vestd can then digitise.
  3. They ask a local Lawyer to draft the agreement from scratch that is in line with the local tax legislation - this can then be digitised and uploaded to the Vestd Platform, so long as it follows our standard contractual approach.


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