EMI & Unapproved options (Automatic scheduling)

first name

First and middle names of recipient

last name

Last name of recipient

corporate name

Company name of recipient, instead of the first and last name


Email of recipient

recipient identifier

Help identify different recipients, e.g. employee number (optional)


The criteria for the distribution (optional)

accepted date

When the distribution was accepted (leave empty if not yet accepted)

agreement date

When the distribution was agreed (leave empty if not yet agreed)

exercise by date

When the distribution must be exercised by (for exit-only leave empty)

exercise price

The price to buy the shares at when they exercise

vesting frequency

The number of months between tranches

cliff date

The date when scheduled vesting starts

cliff shares

How many shares will be in the first tranche

final vesting date

The final vesting date for the option

number of shares

The total number of shares in the distribution


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