Digital signing with more than 99 signatures

How we bypass the DocuSign limit when more than 99 signatures are required.

We use DocuSign to manage our digital signing process, which is a great time save for companies and people alike. 

However, DocuSign has a limit of 99 signatures per document. This isn’t an issue in most cases, but if your company has more than 99 shareholders with voting rights who need to sign a resolution, the resolution won’t pass until all the required signatures have been received. 

So here’s what you need to do… 

If you have more than 99 voting shareholders, the first 99 shareholders by ownership percentage will be emailed to digitally sign the resolution as usual via DocuSign. 

The remaining voting shareholders will also be emailed the resolution, and should they wish to sign, they will need to print the attached document, sign it, and email it back to Vestd (the return address will be in the original email). 

We’ll then contact you (or the person who created the resolution) to see if you want copies of the signed resolutions. If not, we’ll keep them on file for you. 

Once all the signatures have been received – or the required pass percentage is reached – the resolution will pass. 

We understand this isn’t the smoothest process, but unfortunately it’s a DocuSign limitation we cannot change. We have requested to increase the limit and our process will automatically update if DocuSign increases the number. 


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