Company books: what do you need and what can Vestd provide?

Companies are required to keep certain information on record, known as the company books. These provide evidence of the company’s history, constitution, ownership, administration and governance. It is important that the information is kept up to date.

The statutory books include the following:

  • The register of the company’s shareholders (including details of the shareholders, their shareholdings, and the price paid per share by that shareholder for each issue/transfer)
  • The register of secretaries (if applicable)
  • Books of board minutes/resolutions and shareholder resolutions
  • The register of PSCs
  • The register of charges registered against the company (for charges on or before 6 April 2013 only).

It is also common to keep other documents with the statutory books, such as the certificate of incorporation, the articles of association and Companies House filings.

Can Vestd provide my statutory books?

So long as all information is kept up to date and is historically accurate, Vestd is able to hold the entirety of a company's statutory books, unless there have been any charges registered or there are any company secretaries. 

Of course, Vestd can act as a digital record for your statutory books, so long as the following information is recorded in full and kept up to date: 

  • The company's shareholders and their residential addresses
  • The company's share movements (including historical movements before joining Vestd) 
  • The company's PSC register 
  • Board minutes (including minutes and resolutions before to joining Vestd, and any off-platform resolutions) 

View and download your statutory books information by going to Secretarial & admin > Statutory books


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