Six questions to ask before setting up a share scheme

Setting the right incentives with share schemes, deciding the number of shares to give, and safeguarding your business if someone leaves.

A pay rise in this economy? Instead of hiking pay, businesses in the UK are rewarding their employees by sharing ownership with them.

Share schemes have been known to advance business growth and performance. But setting up share schemes can be tricky without the right support.

Join us for this webinar to know the six things you need to know to create the share scheme that’s right for your business.

Date: Wednesday, March 8
Time: 11:00 AM

What you’ll learn

  • How to set aside equity for your team
  • How to build a share scheme tailored to your business
  • What to do if someone decides to leave

About your host

Chris Hill

Vestd Equity Consultant

Chris Hill

Chris is a share scheme specialist at Vestd. Before joining Vestd, Chris worked mainly with UK SMEs in the manufacturing sector.

Today, Chris works closely with founders, financial directors and accountants to help them understand and identify the best share scheme solutions to meet their needs.


Why share equity with your team

Ramp up overall business growth

Sharing equity creates a stronger team that works harder and is committed to making the business a success.

Motivate your team to perform

Conditional equity agreements get the best out of your team and helps you hit your growth targets.

Retain the best talent

Share schemes are proven to increase employee retention. Hold onto top talent for longer by offering equity.

Increase productivity

Employees with equity work harder, because they feel directly responsible for the value of their company.

Improve employee engagement

The more all employees feel included in the success of the business, the more they’re motivated to contribute.

Reduce the cost of hiring A-players

Landing star players for key roles can cost a fortune in this highly competitive market. Equity is a fantastic incentive.

Want to get on the fast track?

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