So what can you do?


Manage your equity digitally

Vestd is the first, only regulated and most advanced digital equity management platform in the UK. Use it to issue shares and options in a compliant manner. Reduce the hassle of managing share schemes with digital signing and authorisation.


Issue shares and options instantly

Adding new people to your share scheme? Distribute equity at the touch of a button. The platform automatically syncs with Companies House, so there’s no need for form filling or stamps. Easy, safe, and immediate.


View your error-free cap table

Get a real time view of your ownership structure via a digital cap table. Stop using Excel! We’ve seen so many funding rounds come to a sudden halt because of mistakes in the cap table. Our cap tables are always up to date and 100% accurate.


Design a bespoke option scheme

Use the option scheme designer to set the terms and conditions of your scheme. Time-based vesting is standard (choose monthly, annually, or custom). Vestd is the only platform that allows you to set your option scheme as ‘exercisable’ or ‘exit-only’.


Choose from five scheme types

You can distribute equity a number of different ways on Vestd. We offer EMI option schemes (incredibly tax-efficient and cost effective), Unapproved Options (very flexible), Growth Shares, ordinary shares, and Agile Partnerships (our proprietary, milestone-based equity distribution framework).


Use our legal documents

For non-complex schemes there’s no need for a lawyer. Just use our templates and then customise your scheme to suit your needs.


Improve shareholder engagement

We provide shareholder and option holder dashboards, so scheme members can regularly check their ownership position and model out what it may be worth.


Fast track the launch of your scheme

In a rush? If there is a funding or other deadline on the horizon we can move quickly. It is usually possible to start your scheme in a matter of days.


Learn what works for other companies

We have helped thousands of people with their share schemes, and have a ton of insight to share. We will help you design a scheme that fits like a glove. Book in an initial discovery call to get all the answers you need (and a demo, if you want one).


Ongoing guidance from the UK’s equity experts

We are a one-product, niche business, with a team that passionately believes in the value of sharing ownership. We’re here to help you, from startup to sale.

Let’s talk!

If all of this sounds like music to your ears then book in a 1-2-1 discovery call with one of our equity specialists.

We will explore:

  • Your company structure
  • The best scheme types for your needs
  • How to protect existing shareholders
  • Setting conditions and milestones
  • The costs and tax implications

We’ll answer any questions you have about sharing ownership and can demo the platform if you want to look under the hood.