10 reasons to go Pro


Fully digital equity management

Issue shares and options instantly via the platform, see your real time and historic cap table, access Vestd’s legal documents, use the option scheme designer to set the conditions, and give shareholders access to a personal dashboard. Check out the key features or book a call to learn more.


Import and digitise your existing share schemes

Using Excel to keep track of your cap table and option schemes is a headache... and potentially a compliance nightmare. Digitisation is the safest, most accurate way to track and manage your equity.


Buy back and transfer shares

You can buy back and transfer shares within your company to provide liquidity for employees that want, need, or are required to sell their stake. The entire process has been automated and digitised on the platform.


Request multiple new valuations every year

Growing companies change value regularly. Some share schemes require you to notify HMRC with an updated valuation every time you add new recipients. Our in-house valuations team will take care of this for you... there's no need to bother your accountant.


Launch multiple types of scheme

It might make sense to give one person options and another Growth Shares. Or maybe you’ll launch an EMI options scheme for employees but set up an Agile Partnership for a key consultant. We have five scheme types to choose from. Pick and mix!


Use our scenario planning tools

Model the impact of option pools and future investment rounds on your existing shareholders.


Get concierge support

Our customer success team will give you priority support, and we’ll go the extra mile if you need extra help when setting up or managing your scheme.


Use your own legal documents

If you’ve already paid a lawyer to create bespoke docs then we will digitise these so that future documents will be created - and executed - within the platform.


Create new share classes

Want to have a new class of share for certain people? We’ve got you covered.


Get a ‘complex’ valuation

We provide initial and ongoing valuations for non-complex companies as part of our standard plan. You may need to choose Pro if your business has a more complicated structure. You’ll save thousands by not having to ask your accountant to do this on a regular basis.

Let’s talk!

If all of this sounds like music to your ears then book in a 1-2-1 discovery call with one of our equity specialists.

We will explore:

  • Your company structure
  • The best scheme types for your needs
  • How to protect existing shareholders
  • Setting conditions and milestones
  • The costs and tax implications

We’ll answer any questions you have about sharing ownership and can demo the platform if you want to look under the hood.