What is an EMI option?

About our EMI

EMI is a type of share scheme which gives you the opportunity to have a future share in the company and benefit from any future success.

Share schemes have been around for many years and can be offered in different ways. An EMI is simply a type of share scheme which is well suited to small and medium-sized companies such as ours.


How EMI works

You’ve been given an opportunity to buy a number of shares in the company at a point in the future.

If, when the time comes, you decide to buy those shares, the price you pay for them will be the price set on the date you received your entitlement (this is known as the ‘exercise price’. See this article for an explanation of the tax benefits).

If the value of our shares has risen since you received your award you’ll effectively be buying your shares at a discounted price. It means you could gain from our success as well as having a share in the company if you choose to keep hold of the shares.


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