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How to add users to your Vestd account

Invite employees and third parties to view or manage your Vestd account.

There are two levels of permissions for Vestd users: Editors and View-only. 

Editors are those who manage the account. They have the ability to create share schemes, authorise share pools, and issue shares and options (with the signed approval of directors and shareholders). 

View-only users are recipients of shares and options, and anyone else who needs access to the platform, like accountants and lawyers.

That’s not to say a third party cannot become an Editor, many customers let their accountants manage everything on their behalf. 

To add someone (third party or otherwise) to your Vestd account, go to Secretarial & admin > Editors in the side navigation bar or via your homepage, then select Invite a user to manage the company. 

Simply enter the names and email addresses of the people you want to invite, and select ‘Yes’ if they will be an Editor or ‘No’ if they’re View-only. Once you click Send invite, they’ll receive an email to accept the invite with the relevant account permissions. 

When you add an Editor, we'll need to verify their identity as part of our KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. Once they have registered via an email link, we will initiate a check and may need to request additional documentation.


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